About Lokendra Tomar

Mr. LokendraTomar, Weight Loss & Wellness Coach is a Nutritionist, Dietician, Pharmacist, Author and an Entrepreneur. He operates from his two Weight Loss Clinics in Gurgaon Delhi NCR. He believes that food is the best medicine. He believes in sharing true knowledge about food and its impact on body and how diet & nutrition helps in weight loss and other life style related diseases. He has researched and developed a unique Weight Loss Program which is based on Metabolic Correction and Hormonal balancing for the first time in India.

He is fond of reading books and this reading habit lead to an accidental discovery of a “Weight Loss Program” when his wife needed to lose her post pregnancy weight. This was the time when he discovered some eye opening facts that there are many diseases including obesity which can be treated with the help of food without any medicines.

Here is his story in his own words:-

I never thought in my life that I will become a weight loss consultant or weight loss nutritionist. Now my client says that I am the best they have ever met. I was not even aware of weight loss industry. Look at the destiny! I never thought of becoming a weight loss consultant, never heard of this industry and now it’s my passion. Now I feel that the purpose of my life is to share true knowledge and help people to achieve their health goals.

Hardships of Life

My childhood was quite troublesome.My father used to get meager payment and rural posting as government employee. So money always remained an issue. I remember we used to travel in rail in the non-reserved coaches since it was the cheapest. When the whole world was watching television, we got one in 1992. My father could afford to buy me a used motor bike only in 2002 when I finished my college.

Going through hardships in life, I had a strong desire to grow and succeed in life. I used to read autobiography of successful people and learnt that entrepreneurship is the only way to succeed in life. I wanted a coach who can help me to grow in life but I didn’t know any one. So books became my coach. When you read a book, you develop a bond with the author. It happened with me also and I developed a bond with many authors. They became my emotional support. This bond grew stronger when I started watching their videos on youtube.

After completing my bachelor in pharmacy from RGVHS Bangalore in 2001, I started working in a marketing department of a top ranked Pharmaceutical Company selling Cardiac & Diabetic drugs to big hospitals. I worked there for some time and came to Delhi to pursue my entrepreneurship dreams. I got married to a beautiful professionally qualified working girl in 2004. Soon thereafter I resigned from job and started a pharmaceutical company in the year 2005 as this was the right time to enter into business world.

Grass looks green on the other side. This held good for me as well. Life was not easy as entrepreneur. I struggled in business. My business was not generating cash. Although my wife was working, but due to some complications in her pregnancy, she had to leave her job for around a year. Once again I faced same problem, no money. At one point of time I was so depressed that I thought of searching a job again.

My first Weight Loss Client

In 2006 we were blessed with a daughter. After delivery my wife was dealing with her post pregnancy weight gain. She tried various methods like Gym, Aerobics, Mechanical vibrator etcto lose weight but nothing worked out. One day, frustrated from her efforts to lose weight, she said “you read so many books….why don’t you read something so that I can reduce some weight”. These were the divine words in my life. They changed my life forever.

Then I started reading on the subject “Weight Loss” and the facts which I found were astonishing. Surprisingly I found that not even weight can be reduced but also many diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure etccan be treated with the help of food without using any drugs. I did my graduation in pharmaceutical science and use to believe that every disease should be treated with some or the other drug. But this was life changing moment for me. I discovered that many problems can be easily solved with the help of food and some nutrients and weight loss is a very easy process.

I designed a weight loss program / weight loss diet plan for my wife and to our surprise she started losing 1-2 kgs every week and soon she achieved her goal weight. Earlier she was struggling to lose even half kg, but now not only her weight came down, she also started feeling more energetic and young. This sudden success filled both of us with joy and happiness. Soon our family members, relatives and friends approached us for Weight Loss Assistance. I started providing Weight Loss Consultation and designed weight loss diet plan for family members and friends and the results were amazing every time. So I decided to enter into weight loss industry and open a weight loss clinic.

The Newly Found Success

After 3-4 years of extensive study, research and clinical experience, I finally developed a Weight Loss Program in the year 2010. I approached Doctors, Physicians, Cardiologist, Diadetologist, Orthopaedician, and Gynecologist, asked them to refer people who require weight loss assistance and got some initial set of customers from these doctors. I also started visiting people in their homes for weight loss consultation. Slowly I started getting referral clients as the results were amazing. The concept was so healthy and result oriented that number of clients started multiplying and exceeded 200 in just a spam of 7 months. All this happened only by word of mouth, without any advertisement.

I started getting so many home visit calls that I could no longer manage and started a small weight loss clinic in Gurgaon at home. Amazed at my success, my wife Nishu who is a Company Secretary & Lawyer by profession, left her job and joined me. My name spread further and people started visiting me from far off places and I opened a bigger and better weight loss clinic to help more people. I enjoyed this new found success and thanked God for his blessings. Now my clients say that I have got the best Weight Loss Facility.

Corporate Trainer

Some people were so excited about their weight loss results that they asked me to give seminar on weight loss in their companies where they were working. As a Weight Loss Nutritionist, I started giving free seminars on my weight loss concept in corporates, schools and RWA societies. I have held various seminars and workshops in corporates and schools like Max Life Insurance, Walmart India, Goodyear Tyres Noida, Delhi Public School, Shalom Hills International School Gurgaon etc. Every person I met in this journey helped me to move forward. My Mission is to educate and give the right guidance to the peopleso that they can lead a healthy and disease free life.