Posted 27 May 2017

Weight Loss Tips for Hot Summers

Weight Loss Tips for hot summers

Summers! Swimming pool is the place you can find some relief from the burning sun. Swimming is one of the best activity in summers but aren’t you afraid of showing your hanging belly and bad abs to people? If you want to reduce some weight rapidly this summer, here are some great tips:-

1. Royal salad for breakfast.

Your body requires lots of juicy fruits and vegetables in summers. Royal salad is the perfect breakfast for quick weight loss.

How to prepare Royal salad:- Cut 3 types of vegetables into small pieces. Vegetable may be cucumber, tomato and capsicum. Add any one fruit to it in small pieces e.g watermelon, cherry or guava. Add one tea spoon of olive oil as dressing and roasted ground nuts for crispy taste. This is a great recipe for summers if you want to loose some weight.




2. Drink 5 liters of water daily.

Sometimes our body does not distinguish between hunger and thirst. Next time when you are hungry, just drink a glass of water and see after 10 minutes; most probably you will not feel hungry. In summers temperature goes up, our body sweat to keep itself cool and we lose water from body. It seems that if we stay in AC, we do not lose water but here is an interesting fact. Have you noticed that cloth dries faster in A.C.? This is because A.C. absorbs moisture and condenses it to water. So, if you are sitting in A.C. room, you still loose water from your body. Therefore, drinking water helps in hydrating body as well as controlling hunger.



 3. Cold soup for dinner

During summers, cold vegetable soups may also be a good idea. Cold vegetable soups are wonderful, delicious, tasty and easy solution for weight loss. Vegetables are best source of vitamins, minerals and water with very low carbohydrate content. The next question would be which vegetables to be used for soup. Dear friends, whenever you are in a dilemma of selection of food, the best choice is seasonal and locally grown food items. Seasonal vegetables in summer are bottle guard and ridge gourd. Soup of these two vegetables may be the best choice for weight loss. Please do not add any ice creams to it as simple sugars will interfere in fat burning process. However, some spices like lemon, cardamom etc can be used as per taste.


4. Take a meal replacement method for weight loss

In summers, you must have noticed that hunger level is lower as compared to winters. Why is it so? It is because in winters, we need more food to generate heat so that we can keep our body warm. Whereas in summers we need more liquid to keep our body cool. So, liquid based approach is needed for weight loss in summers.

What is MRM (Meal Replacement Method)? As a lay man it is difficult to understand and balance the caloric value of the food. Hence, many supplement companies have developed a Protein Supplement Powder for MRM where they provide fixed calories (eg. 200 kcal) per meal. Meal Replacement shakes as a replacement of breakfast, lunch or dinner helps in weight loss. You may ask why only protein supplements can be used as MRM and not some other shakes or drinks. The products like Lipolyzer Meal Replacement Shake are based on high protein with very low carbohydrate content. This kind of formulation does not stimulate insulin response. If there is a stimulation of insulin, it will interfere in triggering the fat burning process. So, replacing any meal with a readymade meal replacement protein supplement is an easy way to lose weight.

5. 62% fasting principle

Let me explain this method. It is really a good technique to reduce weight in summers.

First of all let’s understand circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a biological clock which is influenced by day and night. In a day we go through 16 cycles of 90 minutes each. Out of these 16 cycles, 10 cycles may be used for fasting. If you had dinner at 8 pm, you can do fasting till 11 am next day. Fasting means – you are allowed have only water. Next morning at 11 am you can have breakfast, lunch at 3.30 pm and dinner at 8 pm. Make sure that the three meals are equal in caloric value as well as in quantity. This type of 6 cyclic fasting helps in improving growth hormone in our body. Growth hormone helps in increasing height and reducing weight. It is easy to do this type of fasting in summers because our hunger level is lower in summers. 

Date: 22 Jun 2017

Nishu Tomar