Posted 25 May 2017

Diet Plan to improve energy

What is the Ideal Food to increase energy?

Today I would like to share story of my client Mr. Ramesh who had a great career in a software multinational company in US. He passed out from a reputed college in India and was placed in a big multinational company through campus recruitment. He was really hard working and got promoted within one year of his job. Seeing his dedication and hard work, he was soon sent to USA by his company.

He really enjoyed his life in US. His daily food in office was Pizza, Burger, Cold drink and coffee.  He was young, just 24 years old and had no health problems in spite of his bad eating habits. He stayed in US for around 8 years and came back to India at the age of 32. After returning from US, he got married.

Married life was great for first few years. He continued with the same American lifestyle in India also but now his energy level started going down. He felt that his mind is active but body does not support it. He would eat without hunger; get hungry early in the morning; get irritated if food is not available on time. He felt sleepy and tired whole day long.

He decided to change his lifestyle and have some healthy food instead of junk. After watching a TV commercial, he switched to corn flakes with milk as his breakfast but there was no end to his problems. He was continuously gaining weight. His tummy looked like a big balloon with thin arms and legs. He started feeling that his energy levels are so low that he finds difficult to even walk. This was not all. Soon he landed into another devastating problem of erectile dysfunction. This incidence further stressed his married life. His marriage was about to break. He was about to lose his job. At this point he started searching for a solution. He got to know about me on Google and Facebook. He visited my website and decided to come to my clinic.

He came to me and I assessed him through some clinical parameters. He was having very poor level of energy, used to feel tired whole day. He was suffering from high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. He was overweight by 15 kg and was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. I started treating him and changed his diet. As a result, his energy levels improved just within a span of 3 days and he felt great within the next one week. In 3 months’ time, his blood pressure and blood sugar came to normal. He lost 10 kg in 3 months and his married life improved to a large extent.

How Ramesh got such magical benefits in just 3 months? Rather than jumping to the solution directly, let’s understand the problem scientifically. When Ramesh was in US, he was eating lot of carbohydrate rich junk food. Our body uses 3 types of fuel - carbohydrate fat and protein. Fat and protein are used as building block for repair and regeneration of new cells in the body. Carbohydrate is a source of energy which is used for our daily activities. If we eat excess carbohydrate, it cannot be stored in our body. A hormone called Insulin pushes the extra carbohydrate into liver where it gets converted into fat. This fat gets deposited in our fat cells. More the carbohydrate you eat, more is the amount of insulin required to push it into the liver.

When the process continues for a long time, Liver starts showing resistance to the influence of insulin. Now more insulin is required to push the same amount of carbohydrate into Liver. The sudden excess release of insulin into the blood pushes more than required amount of sugar into Liver which leads to low level of sugar in blood.

The normal level of sugar in blood should be 80 mg per dl. With the influence of excess insulin, your blood sugar level goes down to 60 mg per dl. At this point when the blood sugar is low, you feel lethargic and tired, hands starts shaking etc. Other symptoms of low blood sugar may be sweaty hands, anger, irritation, unbearable hunger, brain fog, loosing body balance etc. At this point you want to eat high carbohydrate food because carbohydrate increases your blood sugar level and you feel better.  When you eat high carbohydrate food, your blood sugar rises to 140-150 (above normal). Within next few hours you again feel hungry and eat lot of carbohydrate again. The surge of insulin again pushes the blood sugar down to 60. This vicious circle goes on again and again and you are caught in a trap.

In this manner you don’t have enough energy and you feel hungry and tired whole day long. The only thing which makes you feel good is eating more carbohydrate. So, you start eating carbohydrate more frequently and the story of low sugar and high sugar continues leaving you tired whole day long. This condition may further lead to diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, Migraine, Arthritis, Osteoporosis etc.

When Ramesh came to me for consultation, I suggested him a diet plan to balance his insulin levels. With this change he immediately started feeling better and he gained his energy and health back. There are certain food which increases the level of insulin in blood and some food do not influence insulin at all. If you eat the food which does not influence insulin in any way, you will get stable blood sugar level and your energy will remain same throughout the day.

Some people might be thinking that blood sugar imbalance is the problem of only Diabetic patient and not the normal people. Let me tell you that if you are going through energy crises and the process of eating food makes you feel better, then you may become diabetic soon. Therefore please do not ignore your low energy feeling. Secondly, if your fasting blood sugar is more than your PP (after meal) blood sugar, it means excess insulin in the body.


Egg, Paneer, Chicken, Fish, Desi Ghee, Butter, Almonds, Walnut, Flax Seed, Chia Seed, Cucumber, Capsicum, Cabbage, Beans, Bottle gourd etc.


Maida, Sweets, Sugar, Cold Drink, Burger, Pizza, Pasta, Biscuits, Namkeen, packed fruit juice etc.



Breakfast – Cheese Omelet with Russian Salad

Lunch – One Chapatti with cooked vegetables and green salad

Evening Snacks - Green Tea with Almonds

Dinner – Paneer Tikka with Green Salad