Weight Loss Method

In the year 1991 when we opened the gates of our economy, multinational companies came in India and drastically changed the food habits of people of our country with their strong advertising power. Today India is among top 3 in fattest nation in world. Entire population is dependent on medicines to live life. The business of diseases is so luring that almost all private hospitals and slimming centers in our country are built like 5 star hotels. These centers can be run profitably only if we are sick.

Take Care of Your Own Health

Time has come to take care of your own health so that nobody can take undue advantage of your illness. Go to any hospital today and many of them will advise some kind of surgery or hospitalization for your treatment because hospitalization makes them more money than mere consultation.

What you see in TV and Newspaper may not be a true knowledge; it’s mostly a sales pitch because you know it takes lot of money to advertise on TV.

We study for several years but there is no subject taught on food and diseases. What to eat and what not to eat is quite a confusing subject. Don’t you think first we need to be healthy human beings rather than scientist, doctor, engineer or entrepreneur?

Dr. Lokendra Tomar’s Weight Loss Program is a sincere effort to protect people of our country from epidemic of diseases creeping into our life. We shares untold secrets of health so that you can live a disease free life. Let’s move from illness to wellness. Weight loss is the minimum benefit that you will get once you follow the weight loss program; other benefits which you may get in the process are priceless. This is not just another diet plan to lose weight but a way to get happiness, abundance, enthusiasm and boundless energy in your life.

Dr. Lokendra Tomar, is a renowned weight loss and wellness coach in Delhi-NCR. He believes in sharing true knowledge so that you can live a disease free life. He operates through two Weight Loss Clinic in Delhi NCR. He believe that “food is the best medicine” How Dr. Tomar’s  Weight Loss Method Works?

Our body is a big system, which is made up of 12 small interdependent organ systems. Each organ system is regulated by various vitamins, minerals, enzymes hormones through various metabolic processes. Imbalance in any one system may disturb the whole body and may cause diseases related to other systems as well. For example just a little bit of weight gain on tummy may cause several diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack. Excess fat deposition on hips and thighs in females may cause even uterine cancer.

These small imbalances in system may cause you to lose your health, wealth, happiness and your precious time. Time is most the precious element in our life, god has given few years to live and create something valuable for our kids, family, country or our own happiness. Losing few days or months because of illness is like losing productive time from our life.

Dr. Lokendra Tomar’s Weight loss program is a systematic and stepwise plan to balance your internal system and achieve sustainable weight loss result.

Weight gain starts with imbalanced food intake.  Several vitamins and minerals present in the food helps in metabolism of our body. For example if you are deficient of vitamin D, you will not be able to absorb calcium even if you ear calcium rich food.

Nutritional imbalance in our food intake disturbs our metabolic system. Metabolic imbalance may lead to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance may lead to weight gain and weight gain may cause several diseases.

For example - deficiency of a mineral “chromium” may disturb metabolism of carbohydrates.  Imbalance in carbohydrate metabolism may disturb insulin hormone. Insulin imbalance causes insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes weight gain and several diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, PCOD, high cholesterol etc.


Image (body shape)

We have about 50 major hormones in our body. There are 4 major hormones which are associated with weight gain – Insulin, Estrogen, Thyroid and Adrenal. They are called as Obesity Quartet. All overweight people have imbalance in all 4 hormones to some extent. Imbalance in each hormone will have characteristic clinical symptom and characteristic body shape.

For example - a person with balloon like tummy will have craving for sugar and may feel sleepy after lunch or may have dark velvety skin on neck; this indicates insulin hormone imbalance. A person having tyre like round belly may have chronic constipation, dry skin, hair fall etc which indicates thyroid hormone imbalance. A person may have balloon like tummy as well as thick round love handles which indicates imbalance of both the hormones - insulin and thyroid.

As you know nutrition imbalance is the beginning of almost of all diseases. Treating diseases with appropriate food and nutrient will give immediate result. Food & nutrition therapy can be added to any medical system for better result.

Dr. Tomar’s  weight loss program consists of 3 components:-

  • Diet Plan

  • Dietary Supplements

  • Figure Correction


To balance the internal metabolic system of body we need to follow different types of diet plan so that all the systems of body are REALIGNED for appropriate and harmonious function. Each diet plan will be of 15 days, which is designed to balance your system in a stepwise manner. In 1 year you will follow 24 such steps to lose weight, in each step an average a person loses 1-2kgs depending upon initial weight. Generally person with higher initial weight like 150kgs will have faster weight loss than someone with 85kgs.

For example the first step in starting the weight loss program is to ‘trigger the fat burning’ process. There are two hormones which work in opposition to each other. Insulin and glucagon, insulin is fat deposition hormone and glucagon is a fat burning hormone.

Once we reduce sugar based food in our diet, insulin starts decreasing and glucagon starts rising. This process triggers the fat burning mechanism in our body in just 48 hours. As you start following the weight loss program you will see that weight loss starts in just 2 days.

While following the program you will find that every step of 15 days diet plan will have a purpose like detoxification, metabolism boosting, liver cleansing, skin tightening etc. walking these steps you will reach at perfect health and you will also learn to remain slim and fit forever.


Vitamins and minerals are required as an assistant to complete all metabolic process and deficiency of vitamins and minerals in our body may cause several metabolic inefficiencies e.g you need vitamin C for strong gums and you need vitamin D for strong bones.

You must have heard people saying that “I have slow metabolism”. Metabolism of body is associated with body temperature. Your body temperature is maintained by thyroid gland. Take your body temperature daily morning at 6 am, if it is less than 98 degree F; it means your thyroid gland is underactive. To activate the thyroid gland you need several nutrients like Tyrosine amino acid, selenium, zinc, iodine, vitamin A etc. Once you provide these nutrients along with thermogenic food, your metabolism will start going well. This process helps in weight loss.

The weight loss program will provide most of the basic Nutritional Dietary Supplements required to lose weight.


One of the most common question frequently asked by the clients is “Will my skin SAG after weight loss?” Now a day there are several technologies available which helps you in burning fat faster and skin tightening from the target area. They are. 

  • Cold Lazer Lipolysis, Ultrasonic Lipolysis, Electric Muscle Stimulator, Bioelectric Stimilation, Vacuum Therapy, Pressure Therapy

These machines helps in increasing your weight loss speed as well as provide toning and shaping. They work on different layers of skin like Epidermis, Dermis, Hypodermis, Muscles.

Dermis is the layer which contains collagen. If this layer has lesser collagen, your skin will sag. Radio Frequency Technology will work in this area. It will stimulate the fibroblast cells to generate more collagen. This machine can be used over any area like stomach, inner thigh, face, arms.

Hypodermis is the layer which contains fat cells. Ultrasonic and Laser lipolysis technology works best in this layer, they breaks the fat cells which is used by our body as fuel.

Muscle is the deepest layer. Electrical Muscle Stimulator works best in this layer. Stimulation of these muscle helps in burning fat as well as tightening the skin.

Application of these instruments in target area helps in shaping and figure correction.

When all the three technique i.e. Diet, Dietary Supplements and Figure Correction are followed in combination, it gives the best result. As per our clinical experience from last several years, we have observed that on following proper guidelines people normally lose around 8-10 kg in 3 months, 14-15 kg in 6 months and 25-30 kg in 1 year.

Our Weight Loss Results

It is very important before starting a weight loss program that your goals should be clear and the results are sustainable. Weight gain is a life style disorder; hence result can be sustainable only when daily routine is changed permanently.

For sustainable result we must eat right food, take right nutritional supplement to manage the deficiency of nutrients and body shaping therapies to regain your shape perfectly.

Once you start following the program, you will see that weight loss will starts immediately within 48 hours. Your energy levels will improve immediately. Your gastric problems will go away in few days. You get the feeling of wellbeing. 

How to Start Your Weight Loss Program?

There are two ways in which you can start your weight loss journey:-

Visit us at our Weight Loss Clinic

Start Online Weight Loss Program

You can visit our Weight Loss Clinic in person by taking prior appointment and start your weight loss program. You can avail all the 3 component of weight loss program i.e diet plan, dietary supplements and figure correction sessions at the Clinic. You frequency of visit to the clinic will be decided depending upon the Weight Loss Package you choose.

Alternatively you can start your Online Weight Loss Program at home and buy online weight loss diet plan from this website wherein along with the weight loss diet plan, required dietary supplements are also suggested which you may buy online from various websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Healthkart, Nykaa, NutroActive etc. Different kinds of Diet Plans like Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan, Deit Plan to detoxify etc, prepared by Dr. Lokendra Tomar are available on this website.